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                   Welcome to “Love, Frances”

♥ “Love, Frances” is my letter to the world. As 2015 came to an end I was in Madeira Island, Portugal. I had never seen a lovelier place. So full of beauty and charm. It was then I decided I wanted a life lived creatively. It became my mission to figure out how to make this happen. Creativity is more than drawing or sculpting. The Mom who clips coupons & doubles her monthly food budget is living creatively. 
♥ I love to push myself when creating each post. Sharing my personal experiences with my readers will be scary and exhilarating. Blogging can truly expand your life, experiences, and knowledge.
♥ My more light-hearted posts will be fun too! I love sharing the newest and coolest products I have discovered with my readers. I love looking for fun products & sharing how to’s. I make sure every item I share is not only affordable but accessible too. Sometimes I will sneak a totally crazy, overpriced, item in the mix: nail polish made with crushed diamonds comes to mind!
♥ “Love, Frances” is my place of self-expression. My hope is for my readers to enjoy themselves, and experience something new and different. I love hearing from the different voices that visit. Each one is unique and fun. Each one is a potential friend. Us nerd girls need to stick together! We may not always like the same things, or agree with one another, but we respect each others voice and space (our blogs).

Please feel free to contact me anytime. I'd love to meet you & chat!