Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Blogging Fears and Confessions

I've blogged before. My blog wasn't super popular or well known, but it made me happy, and I had a few nice followers.

Sometime before the summer I decided enough was enough.
Physical illness coupled with emotional burn out made the decision easy.

Sadly, when I had a change of heart (less than 60 days later ) my hosting company had "just" deleted my blog off of their servers.
Over three years of hard work down the crapper.

I took it as a sign from above; that my decision was in fact the correct one.


The decision to bring an old forgotten about blog (this one) back to life does not come easily.

WHY DO I WANT TO BLOG? That's the biggest question I need to ask myself, and be able to confidently answer.

FELLOW BLOGGERS: Why do you blog? What is your end game? money, content king/queen, personal satisfaction, all of the above, etc.?

If your blog has some type of reach it opens up your world.
You meet new people/make friends, learn new things/skills, expand your mind, and your imagination.

It's more than slapping some words on a page.
Too thought out and it's boring, not thought out enough- it's a hot mess with no direction.

Last night while composing a simple "Top 10 Tuesday" post I kind of groaned and thought "oh boy here we go again".

If there's no joy in what you do, what's the point of doing it?

But as I got into the swing of things I found a little flow, a little rhythm, and I thought to myself "welcome back girl, welcome back"