Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Love Yourself this Valentines Day

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If you find yourself continually doing for others and neglecting yourself, this Valentines Day is the time for change!

It's such a silly notion that "pampering" and "indulging ourselves" is meant to be a once in a while thing.
Lets toss that crappy thinking out like last years nail polish & learn how to "do us" again.

Loving ourselves is not only reading self help books.
We need to practice daily self care.
This Sunday make a list, it can be as long or short as you need. Then fill that list with everything you want to do for you. 
Everything that will make you happy.
Both long and short term.

It can be taking a daily vitamin, trying that barre class dvd, catching up with an old friend, making and keeping that doctors appointment, etc.

At the end of the night review your list. How do you feel? 

What do you need to do daily to keep this momentum going?

We do not need a special occasion to care for ourselves. We needn't worry about being "selfish" if we stop and take a breather. 
Even if you have a sweetie this Valentines Day it's still OK to pamper yourself.
In fact some believe it makes us better mates, friends, siblings, parents, etc. when we do remember to
take some "selfish time".

You may find this to be the best Valentines Day ever! 

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"Love, Frances" Asks: 
What will you do to love yourself this Valentines Day?