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Love, Lashes, and Lipstick Love,Lashes, and Lipstick by Mally Roncalby Mally Roncal 

From A-list celebrity makeup artist and Mally Beauty founder Mally Roncal comes an inspirational guide to living a gorgeous life inside and out, with step-by-step beauty lessons and personal stories about how inner strength, a positive outlook, and plenty of mascara can empower and uplift women at every age.  Celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncal has a message she wants to share with the whole world: What makes you different makes you beautiful! It’s the mantra that inspires her work with A-list clients (who include Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, BeyoncĂ©, Angelina Jolie, Taylor Swift, Mary J. Blige, and Kelly Osbourne) and every single “bulletproof” item in her Mally Beauty cosmetics line.

Mally Roncal is cute, fashionable, and talented. She started with .99 cent “Wet & Wild” makeup, to owning her own successful makeup line. She makes the gals in Hollywood look more stunning than they already are. She’s in high demand, and her star isn’t anywhere close to burning out. Instead of eliciting jealousy and “haters”, you’re charmed by her from the get go.
Mally’s book “Love,Lashes,and Lipstick” is part biography, part how to, part inspirational. Mally shares a lot of her early years with us via photos and stories. She reels you in by talking to you as if you are new friends, and getting to know one another. Her energy is contagious and it shines through in her words. She is incredibly humble and grateful for her charmed life.
She took chances and they paid off. During a time when everyone “tarted” Beyonce up for premieres and the like, Mally took a risk & allowed her natural beauty to shine through. What normally took others 2 hours to do, took Mally 10 minutes! Mally stood by her makeup look for “Queen B”. Beyonce hit the “Austin Powers: Goldmember” Premiere (circa 2002) and the crowd went bonkers for this prettier, softer, Beyonce. Less than 7 days later Mally was Beyonce’s FT makeup artist & Mally’s star blew up in the Hollywood scene.
Mally’s book contains little “pearls of wisdom” such as: “Demand the Best” “Healthy is the new Young”. Some think her little positive affirmations are a tad corny but I loved their simple charm. My one complaint was that her makeup tutorials were illustrations. I wish she had used herself or even models to explain her methods. She gives simple and easy tips on how to do certain looks, sun protection, etc. She strongly encourages women to get yearly mammograms & to care for themselves.
 You get a good feel for Mally and her life via this book. She is definitely inspiring and a great role model for young girls/anyone interested in this career or in beauty.
And as Mally says..
“Your most gorgeous days are ahead of you”

LOVE, FRANCES ASKS: Where do you find inspiration to create? Do you have a favorite person or place that you go to when you want to find new colors, looks, styles, etc.? 

Love, Lashes, and Lipstick by Mally Roncal 
on 2014-09-23 
Published by Random House Publishing Group Pages: 224 

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