Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Pura Vida Monthly Club * Bracelets Review

pura vida monthly club bracelets

3 Exclusive Bracelets, Up To $50 Value, & Free Shipping

◈ One day I was checking my (overflowing) inbox and there they were! A monthly club for PuraVida Bracelets?! Say it ain't so! Unfortunately, I love monthly subscription clubs. I saw the cutest snowflake bracelet & my money was theirs!

A few days before Christmas the "Pura Vida Monthly Club" bracelet trio had arrived. I opened it and was incredibly happy I had not ignored that email.

3 bracelets arrived, all themed after the snowflake. 2 beaded, 1 string style (typical PV style), I loved the snowflake-silver on a bracelet of white seed beads...Why don't you check them out below!

pura vida monthly bracelets club

◈ Right?! I told you they were keepers & worth 14.99$ Loving this set, I decided to stay on and see if January's wowed me. 

◈ The January 2017 Trio has a green/blue/wave/beachy vibe to it. The gold wave circle charm is delightful. It reminds me of a beautiful sunny day. 
I love the three colored braid style & the typical "PV" string bracelet. 

I must say "Pura Vida" has impressed me for 2 months in a row. I love this company because they are socially, economically, and environmentally conscience. 
These bracelets provide full time jobs for local artisans in Costa Rica.  

Like what you see? Want some of these for your own? Click this link for more deets & to order for yourself! 

IF you do not want to join the monthly club, you can buy individual bracelets. 
*wink wink* *come on, you want to buy some!*

Each month, you’ll receive 3 exclusive bracelets (up to $50 value) that are only available to Pura Vida Club members. Shipping is completely FREE on all U.S. orders!

Our awesome team of Instagram influencers and fashion stylists. Stay ahead of the trends and mix it up with a new surprise pack each month!

You can cancel anytime,cause that’s how we roll. No questions asked.


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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Girl With All The Gifts: M.R. Carey

"Every morning, Melanie waits in her cell to be collected for class. When they come for her, Sergeant Parks keeps his gun pointing at her while two of his people strap her into the wheelchair. She thinks they don't like her. She jokes that she won't bite, but they don't laugh."

Melanie is a normal little girl. She loves school. She enjoys the stories Miss Justineau tells. She also yearns for love, attention, to be held..only touching Melanie will prove to be deadly..for you.

 "This book breathes new life into age-old horror tropes, taking familiar fears of zombies, the apocalypse and eerie children and spinning them in surprising ways."

Looking at Melanie one will quickly forget she is infected by humanities worst plague. She is also the only hope of a cure. 

Reading this book you quickly fall in love with the clever little girl.

 She is shattered knowing she can singlehandedly cause major devastation and death. 

Watching her carefully navigate a life outside of her normally strict confines gave me anxiety. Nature or Nurture were at war within this innocent child. 

She is surrounded by interesting yet deeply flawed humans. 

They often "conveniently" forget Melanie is a human child-not a test subject. 

Watching the characters struggle with their conscience and desperate need to have a "normal" world/life again-AT ANY COST made this story quite gripping and emotional.

This book was able to blend your stereotypical scary zombie world beautifully with living breathing human nature. 



"Have yourself a Merry little Christmas" 





Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Blogging Fears and Confessions

I've blogged before. My blog wasn't super popular or well known, but it made me happy, and I had a few nice followers.

Sometime before the summer I decided enough was enough.
Physical illness coupled with emotional burn out made the decision easy.

Sadly, when I had a change of heart (less than 60 days later ) my hosting company had "just" deleted my blog off of their servers.
Over three years of hard work down the crapper.

I took it as a sign from above; that my decision was in fact the correct one.


The decision to bring an old forgotten about blog (this one) back to life does not come easily.

WHY DO I WANT TO BLOG? That's the biggest question I need to ask myself, and be able to confidently answer.

FELLOW BLOGGERS: Why do you blog? What is your end game? money, content king/queen, personal satisfaction, all of the above, etc.?

If your blog has some type of reach it opens up your world.
You meet new people/make friends, learn new things/skills, expand your mind, and your imagination.

It's more than slapping some words on a page.
Too thought out and it's boring, not thought out enough- it's a hot mess with no direction.

Last night while composing a simple "Top 10 Tuesday" post I kind of groaned and thought "oh boy here we go again".

If there's no joy in what you do, what's the point of doing it?

But as I got into the swing of things I found a little flow, a little rhythm, and I thought to myself "welcome back girl, welcome back"

Top Ten Tuesday Book Meme
Hosted By:
The Broke and Bookish

Ten Books I Wouldn't Mind Santa Leaving Under My Tree
(or non-book/bookworm items)

Hello friends! Just a few more days until Christmas & then New Years Eve 2017! 
I've decided to jump back into blogging with one of my favorite weekly features: "TOP TEN TUESDAY". 
The new blog & new name comes with an interesting tale (to be told at another time)...

There you have it my bookish friends. My Top Ten List. A good mix of the bookish & not so bookish (but I can make the laptop & camera book related) 
Can't wait to see what all of you have come up with.
Please remember to link me to your "TOP TEN TUESDAY" post. 

Christmas Book Tree

"Have yourself a Merry little Christmas"

Friday, February 12, 2016

Love, Lashes, and Lipstick Love,Lashes, and Lipstick by Mally Roncalby Mally Roncal 

From A-list celebrity makeup artist and Mally Beauty founder Mally Roncal comes an inspirational guide to living a gorgeous life inside and out, with step-by-step beauty lessons and personal stories about how inner strength, a positive outlook, and plenty of mascara can empower and uplift women at every age.  Celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncal has a message she wants to share with the whole world: What makes you different makes you beautiful! It’s the mantra that inspires her work with A-list clients (who include Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, BeyoncĂ©, Angelina Jolie, Taylor Swift, Mary J. Blige, and Kelly Osbourne) and every single “bulletproof” item in her Mally Beauty cosmetics line.

Mally Roncal is cute, fashionable, and talented. She started with .99 cent “Wet & Wild” makeup, to owning her own successful makeup line. She makes the gals in Hollywood look more stunning than they already are. She’s in high demand, and her star isn’t anywhere close to burning out. Instead of eliciting jealousy and “haters”, you’re charmed by her from the get go.
Mally’s book “Love,Lashes,and Lipstick” is part biography, part how to, part inspirational. Mally shares a lot of her early years with us via photos and stories. She reels you in by talking to you as if you are new friends, and getting to know one another. Her energy is contagious and it shines through in her words. She is incredibly humble and grateful for her charmed life.
She took chances and they paid off. During a time when everyone “tarted” Beyonce up for premieres and the like, Mally took a risk & allowed her natural beauty to shine through. What normally took others 2 hours to do, took Mally 10 minutes! Mally stood by her makeup look for “Queen B”. Beyonce hit the “Austin Powers: Goldmember” Premiere (circa 2002) and the crowd went bonkers for this prettier, softer, Beyonce. Less than 7 days later Mally was Beyonce’s FT makeup artist & Mally’s star blew up in the Hollywood scene.
Mally’s book contains little “pearls of wisdom” such as: “Demand the Best” “Healthy is the new Young”. Some think her little positive affirmations are a tad corny but I loved their simple charm. My one complaint was that her makeup tutorials were illustrations. I wish she had used herself or even models to explain her methods. She gives simple and easy tips on how to do certain looks, sun protection, etc. She strongly encourages women to get yearly mammograms & to care for themselves.
 You get a good feel for Mally and her life via this book. She is definitely inspiring and a great role model for young girls/anyone interested in this career or in beauty.
And as Mally says..
“Your most gorgeous days are ahead of you”

LOVE, FRANCES ASKS: Where do you find inspiration to create? Do you have a favorite person or place that you go to when you want to find new colors, looks, styles, etc.? 

Love, Lashes, and Lipstick by Mally Roncal 
on 2014-09-23 
Published by Random House Publishing Group Pages: 224 

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